Voice Scams Are Targeting Financial Leaders: Don’t Be the Next Victim

As a leader in the financial service industry, cybersecurity can sometimes feel like a distant concern. We get it. You think of cyber attacks as something that happens to others, not you, right? However, technology has since evolved and cybercriminals have grown smarter and more sophisticated through the years, making all individuals and businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks.

When Your Facebook Or Other Online Account Gets Hacked, Who’s Responsible For The Losses?

Recently, the CEO of a very successful marketing firm had their Facebook account hacked. In just one weekend, the hackers pulled off a heist, running over $250,000 worth of ads for their online gambling site. To add insult to injury, the rightful owner was removed as the admin, resulting in the firm's entire Facebook account being shut down.

How To Have The Freedom To Do What You Want When You Want In Your Business

Could you step away from your business for a month, and come back and have it running and growing and profitable?  What about 6 months?  A year?  This is every business owner’s dream, but not every business owner can achieve it.

You will have the opportunity to attend a free event where you’ll discover how to get rid of the grunt work you don’t like so you can delegate it, strategies to empower your team to do more so you can focus your time on becoming more profitable, and the steps to take now so you can go on that monthlong vacation in the near future.

A Shark’s Eye View Of The Future Of Small Business Tech

In an exclusive interview, Shark Tank celebrity Robert Herjavec will share his unique insights on technology, automation, cybersecurity, and much more from the perspective of both an investor and a long-time technology entrepreneur.

We’ll be asking Robert about what he recommends small business owners do to ensure their business is on track for serious growth in 2024.

He plans to share his best insights on using technology and automation to help you beat out your competitors.