How To Have The Freedom To Do What You Want When You Want In Your Business

How To Have The Freedom To Do What You Want When You Want In Your Business

Could you step away from your business for a month, and come back and have it running and growing and profitable?  What about 6 months?  A year?  This is every business owner’s dream, but not every business owner can achieve it.

You will have the opportunity to attend a free event where you’ll discover how to get rid of the grunt work you don’t like so you can delegate it, strategies to empower your team to do more so you can focus your time on becoming more profitable, and the steps to take now so you can go on that monthlong vacation in the near future.

We are hosting the Greater Philadelphia Area Small Business Tech Day on Thursday, November 16, and joining me will be Business Owner/Author Mike Michalowicz who will share his insights on freeing entrepreneurs from day-to-day operations. Drawing from research and experience growing and selling multiple companies, Michalowicz will outline concrete strategies to transform employees into empowered owners.

One key strategy that is a huge help to small businesses is defining the “Queen Bee Role” for your company.  This is the number one activity of your business where all employees work together to support or protect it.  Michalowicz will share examples so you can create one and get your employees motivated to work together in an optimal way.

We’ll be streaming from the Greater Philadelphia Area and also be joined by AI expert and Siri cofounder Adam Cheyer and Shark Tank Celebrity Robert Herjavec.

Reserve your spot now at to get free access to the event and be reminded when we are LIVE!