Managed IT Services for Businesses

Streamlining operations and optimizing connections between businesses, customers, and employees


Expert Managed IT Services to Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Office productivity and efficiency can easily stutter due to faulty IT management, decreasing profit margins and customer interest. With our Managed IT Services, you can stay connected, profitable, and productive with an optimized IT infrastructure.

Slow and failed connections are one of the top reasons that customers leave

When your IT infrastructure is poorly managed, your connection to the customer wavers to the point of profit loss. Through managed IT services, you can optimize your connection potential and reel in more customers.

Ineffective IT management wastes valuable company resources Businesses that don’t have properly managed IT waste valuable company resources. Our service helps you stay organized for better resource management.

A business’s downfall can be directly attributed to misunderstanding the important of IT management IT management isn’t easily understandable and often pushed aside to make room for areas that a business owner does understand better. Doing so removes a valuable asset that can easily become the downfall of your business.

Xact IT Services will manage, organize, and create an infrastructure that maintains profitability through managed IT services.

What Our Managed IT Services Cover

IT is a field that encompasses everything related to your hardware, software, network, and security. With an expert team dedicated to providing managed IT services for your business, we cover everything you need to stay secure, connected, and efficient.

Our managed IT services addresses all of these and more to provide you with solutions that fit your exact needs while staying budget friendly.

Our Managed IT Services include solutions for:

  • Network Downtime
  • Slow/Malfunctioning IT
  • Costly Tech Support
  • Unresponsive/Limited IT Support
  • One-size-fits-all Tech

What Our Managed IT Services Team Provides

From desktop setups to remote network access, our managed IT services team gets your company securely connected for unprecedented productivity.

Customized Installation

Our managed IT services team installs hardware and software that align with your business goals, so you don’t pay for anything you don’t need and use only what you do.

Around-the-clock Maintenance

Proactive maintenance of your IT infrastructure, day or night, keeps us informed and ready to tackle any issues that may arise for fast recovery.

Secure Infrastructure

With a team dedicated to handling your IT needs, we set up and maintain the highest levels of security around your data, keeping you protected.

Benefits of Our Managed IT Services

From simply saving time to improving resource management, our managed IT services benefits can be seen instantly after implementation.

Cost-efficient Up-time

Hiring in-house IT staff is costly when it comes to updating your system, often leading to overtime expenses. Our managed IT services team keeps your system up to date without the added expense or risk of system downtime.

Categories of Managed IT Services

Because IT is such a vast field, we can narrow down our service into three overarching categories that represent what our managed IT services do.

IT Project Management

Every piece of hardware, software, and IT for your business requires different personnel with expertise on that subject. With our managed IT services, you get access to experts in various IT fields to help manage any IT project.

Backup and Recovery

Our experts aim to prevent any type of crash or disaster, but they can still happen. In that event, our managed IT services team is prepared. We backup your data regularly for speedy recovery that gets your business back up and running.

Backup and Recovery

Our experts aim to prevent any type of crash or disaster, but they can still happen. In that event, our managed IT services team is prepared. We backup your data regularly for speedy recovery that gets your business back up and running.

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Optimize your business with managed IT services that provide increased productivity, safety, and profitability. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how we can improve your business’s IT without breaking your budget.

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Managed IT Services FAQs

What is a managed IT service?

A managed service is one that is outsource to a third-party. In the case of a managed IT service, all of your IT needs and activity are outsourced. For smaller businesses, this usually results in a more budget-friendly IT department.

Every business needs and IT department. If you have a website, communicate through email, and store data of any kind, then that falls under IT. Without managing your IT, you put your business at risk. Our managed IT services keeps your business protected and managed.

What is the difference between a Managed Service Provider and Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are fulfilled by an MSP, a Managed Service Provider. In the case of Xact IT Services, we act as your MSP when you subscribe to our managed IT services.

Using an MSP is a better solution for small businesses who cannot afford or do not need their own in-house IT team. It is economical while keeping your valuable business efficiently running.

What falls under IT?

Anything related to tech, essentially, falls under IT. This includes systems, apps, media, content, infrastructure, communication, storage, and more.

Managed IT services constitutes everything related to IT that’s relevant for your company. The main areas usually include system, infrastructure, communication, and data storage.

Managed IT services are always customized for the business benefiting from them. Not every business has a need for every service that falls under IT. By narrowing your needs, we also lower the cost, so you don’t pay for what you don’t need/use. This is a feature of managed IT services that helps small businesses maintain profitability and functionality.


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