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Xact IT Solutions?

We Won’t Stop At “Standard”

We’re here for those who want more

Unlike many Managed Services Providers (MSPs) in the IT industry, Xact IT believes things like fast response times, reduced downtime, and malware-free networks should be standard practices. These benefits should be expected of any reputable IT firm, not touted as unique. Here at Xact IT, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of service.

Choose Xact IT if you want more for your business than just someone to call when something goes wrong. Choose us if you want a guide to help you understand how technology can impact your business. Choose us if you want technology that drives profits up, reduces risk, improves employee productivity, and increases customer satisfaction. Don’t sit around and wait for IT problems, contact us today for IT solutions.


Why We’re Different

So if fast and knowledgeable support, optimized IT systems, and secure networks are standard practices, what makes Xact IT unique? Click on each icon to find out what makes us different from your garden variety MSP.

We are standards & SOP focused which means better security and improved efficiency.

Partner with us, and you’ll be assigned a dedicated team whose sole focus is to implement technology that drives your employees and company forward.

There are no long term contracts with Xact IT, and our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you're struggling to put together a comprehensive network security plan, our FREE eBook is an excellent guide.Click!