Cybersecurity for DoD Contractors

Stout cybersecurity measures that
comply with tough regulations

The Department of Defense (DoD) works in a highly confidential environment and cannot afford to compromise on any security measures. The DoD has put together the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), a framework that assesses the security level of potential contractors to help them choose which contractor to work with. The security level clearly matters to the DoD and as a company that is vying for valuable DoD contracts, you need to cover all your bases.

Xact IT is an expert on CMMC implementation and we’re the ideal security partner to help you achieve a high level certification from the DoD. Our experts will analyze the state of your cybersecurity and create a cost-effective roadmap to improve your systems. You can confidently pitch for DoD projects knowing that you have state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions protecting every aspect of your IT.


Our IT Services for the Department of Defense

We provide exceptional cybersecurity solutions that suit the highly confidential environment of the Department of Defense (DoD). Each one complies with the DoD’s security framework.

CMMC-Specific Cybersecurity Solutions

Years of IT Compliance Experience

Proactive Security Monitoring

Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

What You Get from Xact IT Solutions

Xact IT Solutions understands the sensitive environment of the DoD. We’ve customized our services to
meet its standards without compromising their performance.


Managed IT Services

A team of certified technicians will manage your IT operations to keep your staff focused on their key responsibilities.


IT Consulting and Project Planning

Find out how IT operations can improve your processes by consulting with a professional.


IT Compliance Services

Ensure the latest updates and upgrades are installed and applied to keep your IT operations performing well.


Cybersecurity Solutions

Identify and address threats to your cybersecurity before they happen with the right strategy.


Hosted Solutions

Keep your digital processes running smoothly by choosing a hosted virtual server for your IT operations.


VoIP Solutions

Keep in touch with the necessary people wherever they may be with secured VoIP solutions.


Business Cloud Services

Get access to important data whenever you need it and wherever you are when you store them in the Cloud.


Data Backup and Recovery

Prevent data loss in the event of a systems failure with a backup and recovery plan in place.

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