Application Penetration Test

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How Secure Is Your Software?

Our software penetration testing services simulate a cyber attack and use malicious techniques to assess your software’s defenses. The test reveals security deficiencies before an attacker does and shows you concrete ways to fix them.

  • Uncover Software Security Gaps
    You’ll find low-risk and high-risk vulnerabilities in your software that hackers could exploit.
  • Estimate the Magnitude of Possible Damage
    You’ll estimate the impact of a cyber attack on your web application, operations, and company finances.
  • Fortify Your Defenses
    Using actionable insights, you’ll adjust your code to make the software more resilient against malicious actors.

Don’t let your company fall victim to malicious actors. Let Xact IT Solutions set up proper defenses for your enterprise.

Our Software Penetration Testing Services

Our software penetration testing services evaluate the security elements of software used by firms. Some of our ethical hacking techniques include:

  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Password Cracking
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • File Upload Attacks
  • Security Misconfigurations
  • Vertical and Horizontal Attacks

Our certified web application penetration tester team will hunt down security gaps that elude automated scans, exploit them, figure out appropriate remediation, and compile the findings in an easy-to-read report. After executing the remediation recommendations, you’re certain that your software has:

  • Fewer security vulnerabilities
  • A more robust encryption
  • Lower risk of enabling unauthorized access
  • An overall lower cyber risk

Phases of Our Software Penetration Testing Services

Once our pen testers have completed the software penetration testing, you’ll receive executive reports that outline the:

  • Preparation – We define the project's scope, determine success criteria, review the environment, and plan the entire pen test.
  • Execution – We execute the test proper as defined in the scope of the project.
  • Post-Execution – We generate the report, suggest remediation, and conduct clean-up activities.

The most important part of your executive report is the recommendations, so you can execute concrete action to fortify your software. In addition, you can easily cascade the results of the pen test to your dev team.

Types of Software Penetration Tests

We conduct the following software penetration testing styles:

Black Box Test

A black box test simulates a cyber attack by an unprivileged hacker with no inside knowledge of the software.

Grey Box Test

A grey box test simulates a cyber attack by a hacker with limited knowledge of the software. Knowledge is usually limited to login credentials.

White Box Test

A white box test simulates a cyber attack by a privileged hacker with full knowledge of software and its architecture.


After completing the application security penetration testing, our pen testers will provide executive reports that describe in detail the:

  • Security issues identified in your software (in order of priority)
  • Actionable recommendations to remediate the vulnerabilities
  • Scope of the project
  • Techniques and methodologies

The recommendations portion of the executive reports is a critical source of actionable data. You and your dev team can use this information to improve your application’s security.

Choose the Cybersecurity Experts at Xact IT Solutions

  • Certified Pen Testers

    Our pen testers are trained in the exploration and infiltration techniques that sophisticated hackers do. We use extensive cybersecurity knowledge to uncover software deficiencies. It ensures protection for your web applications from ever-evolving scams.

  • Based on Threat Intelligence

    You might have the best dev team building your web application, but it still needs a fresh set of eyes to seek out security gaps. The Xact IT Solutions team knows existing and emerging cyber threats, and we leverage this vast threat intelligence to mimic a cyber attack methodically.

  • Tailored Approach

    We customize our software pen tests to the needs of your business. Different web applications have varying requirements, depending on possible attack vectors. We work with you to strategize the right pen test for your software.

  • All Your Cybersecurity Needs

    Aside from software penetration testing services, Xact IT Solutions offers other reliable cybersecurity services, like network penetration testing, ransomware response plans, cyber incident response services, and more

Plan Your Software Pen Test with Xact IT Solutions



Book a strategy session to discuss your software and the proper penetration testing it needs. We’ll brief you on the estimated timeline.



Our specialists will prepare the software penetration testing, determine the scope, and walk you through the entire process.



We’ll perform the preparation, testing, and assessment as planned. You’ll receive the executive reports that detail the entire test.


Xact IT Solutions performs pen tests for companies that have proprietary software or use software from third parties. We work with businesses in:

Banking, Financial, and Investment Firms

Manufacturing Companies

Healthcare and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Legal Services

Department of Defense Contractors

Software Penetration Testing FAQs

Can we perform an “in-house” pen test?

Technically, yes, a firm can perform a pen test on its own. However, there are merits to outsourcing software penetration testing. First, if you’re fulfilling the requirements of a security standard, then it’s better to hire professionals who are well-versed in these security obligations.

Second, a certified pen tester is trained to simulate existing cyberattacks and emerging cyber threats. With a database of threat intelligence, Xact IT Solutions is equipped to put your systems to the ultimate test.

What kinds of software do you test?

We test different applications that users access, like shopping carts, online forms, and administrative consoles. Get in touch with our team to discuss the software you want to test.

How long does a software penetration test take?

Depending on the scope of the project, a software penetration test can take 1 to 3 weeks. Factors that affect the timeline include the number of web apps to be assessed, the type of software, the number of input fields, and more. Our team will give you an estimated timeline during the strategy session.

How do we prepare for a software penetration test?

You don’t have to make special preparations for a software penetration test. After all, the goal is to evaluate its security in its current state. However, our team needs robust information to prepare the pen test — details will be explained during our consultation.

How much does a software penetration test cost?

We can’t provide a blanket fee for software penetration testing services because the cost depends on several factors, like the scope of the testing, the number of web apps to be assessed, and more. Please reach out to our team for an estimate for your specific project.