Cybersecurity Incident Response Services for Businesses

Prepare, respond, and recover from a cybersecurity incident with minimal cost and damage. Xact IT Solutions will develop a comprehensive cyber attack incident plan to make your business resilient. Book a free 15-minute strategy session today.

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The Grave Consequences of a Cyber attack

To say that a cyber attack harms your business is an understatement. One incident has far-reaching consequences for your company.

  • Financial Loss
    Security breaches can do untold damage to a company’s finances, especially if it involves ransom and theft of financial information.
  • Operations Shutdown
    Cyber attacks will make operations grind to a halt, resulting in loss of sales and profit. The longer the attack, the greater the loss.
  • Bad Reputation for Your Business
    Your credibility takes a hit. You’ll lose the confidence of your clients who expect you to protect their information.

Cyber attack is not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. Don’t wait for cybercriminals to set eyes on your business.

Get a Comprehensive Cyber attack Response Plan

Cyber attack prevention is critical to the security of your organization’s sensitive data. Your best defense against a devastating cyber attack is a Cyber attack Incident Response Plan. It outlines the step-by-step action to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a cyber attack. It eliminates ineffective responses, expensive mistakes, and half-baked emergency decisions that make the situation worse.

A response plan:

  • Sets up measures to thwart cyber threats
  • Keep damage and costs to a minimum in case of a cyber attack
  • Outlines post-incident activities to further fortify your cybersecurity

Here’s an overview of our complete cyber attack incident response:


Your cybersecurity measures will receive an update to make them more airtight. It bars the entry of malicious actors. We’ll establish clear procedures and assign roles for different actions. Depending on the requirements, we might recommend data backup and recovery solutions for your business.


Detection channels will be monitored round-the-clock for indications of a data breach. Our team will also validate cyber attacks. If our experts confirm that a cyber attack incident is taking place, we’ll notify all personnel involved and proceed to the response phase.


Our team will analyze the scope of the attack and execute containment strategies to isolate the infected systems. Depending on the incident, we’ll conduct eradication measures, including deleting malware and disabling compromised accounts.


If the attack renders the system or data unusable, we’ll restore your affected network systems from a clean backup. We’ll also change compromised passwords and take steps to achieve BAU (business as usual) state.

Post-Incident Activities

After a complete cyber attack response, a forensic data investigation will be launched to fully assess the damage. Evaluating the impact will provide us with the data needed to identify vulnerabilities, revise procedures, and improve the plan, preventing cyber security attacks from succeeding in the future.

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Cybersecurity Experts on Your Side

  • Extensive Cybersecurity Expertise

    Xact IT Solutions continually studies existing and emerging cyber threats, allowing us to create a cyber attack prevention plan that takes into account all possible scenarios. It enables us to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

  • Get Immediate and Professional Response

    Every minute counts. With Xact IT Solutions, you get an instant response to cyber attacks from experts who are trained to diffuse these incidents.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Our team monitors threats round-the-clock, so your networks are secure, even outside operation hours, even during the off-season.

  • Optimal Uptime

    One of our goals is to ensure that your business runs smoothly. We exert every effort to stop threats in their tracks or resolve an attack as fast as we could.

  • All-Around Protection

    Apart from a cyber attack response plan, Xact IT Solutions meets all your IT needs, including managed IT services, data backup and recovery, and VoIP solutions.

Set Up the Right Defenses with Xact IT Solutions



During our strategy call, our cybersecurity specialists will assess your business’s level of cyber risk.



Our team will develop a cyber attack response plan tailored to your enterprise and command chain.



We’ll implement the response plan and help you cascade it to your workforce.


Xact IT Solutions creates cyber attack response plans tailored to the cyber risk level and specific security needs of these industries:

Law Firms
Department of Defense Contractors
Construction and Engineering Firms
Manufacturing Companies
Banking, Financial, and Investment Firms
Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies

Cyber attack Response FAQs

How do cyber attacks, cyberthreat, and cyber risk differ from one another?

Cyber attack, cyberthreat, and cyber risk mean different things. A cyber attack is a malicious action taken against you, while a cyberthreat is the possibility of a cyber attack. Your cyber risk is the level of vulnerability to cybercrime. In effect, our response plan reduces cyber risk, deters cyber threats, and responds to cyber attacks.

What types of cyber attacks does your plan cover?

Xact IT Solutions’ comprehensive plan covers simple to complex cyber attacks. This includes common scams, like phishing, fraudulent emails, and ransomware incidents. It also covers more sophisticated activities, like SQL injection attacks, MitM attacks, and DoS attacks. We can give you a rundown during our strategy session.

What are the chances that criminals will target my business?

All entities face some level of cyber risk, but figures show that hackers target more businesses than individuals because they can extort more from companies. Of these businesses, cybercriminals target small and medium enterprises because they often skimp on cybersecurity. Malicious actors easily detect weak enterprise security.

Our company has experienced a cyber attack in the past. How will this affect the service?

Cyber attack incident response plans are designed to be revised and improved. If your company has been under attack before, let us know during the consultation. We will incorporate the incident into our plan. Our IT experts will assess the damage before we implement any services.

Apart from creating a response plan, what else can I do to protect my business?

Xact IT Solutions advocates for a culture of awareness in every company. Regular cybersecurity training keeps employees informed of the latest threats cybercriminals come up with. It helps your workforce detect and thwart cyber threats and respond to cyber attacks, reducing the chances of expensive missteps in your cybersecurity strategy.