Ransomware Incident Response Plan for Businesses

Prepare, respond, and recover from ransomware attacks with minimal disruption and costs. Work with Xact IT Solutions to get a cost-effective ransomware attack response plan for the level of risk your enterprise faces.

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The Devastating Consequences of a Ransomware Attack

The impact of a ransomware attack goes far beyond the hefty ransom fee.

  • Temporary or Permanent Data Loss
    Access to business-critical data is barred. And paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee data recovery.
  • Operations Shutdown
    Operations might grind to a halt, resulting in lost income. The longer the attack, the costlier it gets.
  • Financial Loss
    Possible financial loss is staggering because it includes the ransom fee, downtime, and remediation efforts.
  • Damage to Credibility
    Your company loses the confidence of clients, who trust you to protect their information.

Don’t let your company fall victim to malicious actors. Let Xact IT Solutions set up proper defenses for your enterprise.

Get Multi-Phase Ransomware Incidence Response

Your best defense against ransomware attacks is a comprehensive incident response plan. It eliminates half-baked responses and emergency decisions. A clear strategy also stops anyone in your organization from making expensive mistakes.

Xact IT Solutions will develop a Ransomware Response Plan that covers preparation, response, and recovery. Unlike other catch-all cybersecurity services, this playbook is specific to a ransomware attack. You’ll bar ransomware from your systems. Should criminals infiltrate it, the plan gives you the highest chance of getting your data back at the lowest cost.

Here’s an overview of a ransomware attack response plan:


No part of your system is left unprotected. You receive updated security patches to prevent malicious actors from compromising your networks. We also assist in training your workforce to detect and report phishing activities and suspicious network behavior. Moreover, your company establishes a robust backup for valuable company information.


Our team monitors detection channels for data breaches and quickly validates any attack. Not all malware incidents come from ransomware. If the incident is a confirmed ransomware attack, our team proceeds to containment and remediation.

Remediation and Recovery

Our IT experts analyze the scope of the attack and identify the compromised data. The infected systems are quickly isolated to contain the effects of the ransomware. Based on the analysis results, we employ mitigation measures to eradicate the ransomware from the network. If eradication is successful, we restore the affected network systems from a clean backup.

Post-Incident Assessment

We launch a full data forensics investigation and generate a comprehensive incident report. This includes an assessment of the severity of the damage. As part of the ransomware response plan, we also ensure that the malicious actors left no trace that would launch another attack.

Choose the Ransomware Response Experts

  • Cybersecurity Expertise

    Our team stays on top of existing and emerging cyber threats, especially ransomware. Our extensive expertise enables us to diffuse serious attacks and keep your data intact.

  • Round-the-Clock Detection

    Your business will receive proactive protection, executed from different detection channels. A big part of the response plan is to set up defenses that fend off hackers.

  • Immediate Response

    Should your business experience a ransomware incident, cybersecurity experts will respond on your behalf. Expect immediate and effective remediation.

  • 360-Degree Cyber-Protection

    Apart from ransomware response plans, we provide cybersecurity services at all levels, from simple fraudulent emails to complex malware.

Make Your Business Resilient Against Ransomware



During our consultation, our IT experts will review your business’s vulnerability to ransomware.



We’ll develop an airtight incident response plan for ransomware, tailored to your enterprise.



Our team will launch the response plan and monitor its progress.

Ransomware Attack FAQs

What is considered a “ransomware attack?”

A ransomware attack is a cybersecurity incident where malicious actors gain access to your company’s valuable data and hold it hostage for ransom. The attackers encrypt the files and demand a ransom for the decryption key.

What are the chances of my business being a target of ransomware attacks?

We can’t answer this with certainty because different businesses face different levels of risk, depending on their industry, size, and current cybersecurity fortifications. However, based on general figures, more than half of cyber attacks target small businesses, which, unfortunately, find it difficult to recover from these attacks.

In addition, enterprises report more ransomware attacks every year. In 2021, a ransomware attack disrupts one business every 11 seconds—an increase from 14 seconds in 2019 and 40 seconds in 2016.

How much do attackers usually ask?

The fee ranges from thousands to millions of dollars in serious attacks. Cybercriminals extort this much because they can access most of the company’s valuable systems.

Should we just pay the ransom?

Ransomware incidents are becoming more sophisticated by the day, and attackers continually craft ways to get more out of a business. It’s more cost-effective to prepare a response plan instead of simply paying off the attackers.

A company is not just paying the ransom fee; it also incurs downtime costs and spends a significant amount on restoration procedures. The company also has to ensure that the cybercriminals left no traces that could grant them future access into the systems and start another ransomware attack.

It pays to be prepared with a ransomware incident response playbook.

Are there ransom decryptor sites we should check?

Yes, there are. Some infections come from cyber attackers who hope that the targets are pressured to pay the ransom before conducting any research and finding out that the ransomware strain is outdated.

Some of the tools we recommend are Avast’s Free Decryption Tools, Kaspersky Lab’s No Ransom List, and Heimdal Security’s Free Ransomware Decryption Tools.

However, these tools are still limited. The best protection is the one designed by a cybersecurity expert.