True love or fraud? Here’s how you’ll know.

In search of true love this Valentine’s Day, some people may just find themselves becoming the victim of a scam. Recent data shows that at least 18,000 domains that feature words like “love” or “valentine” were created in January alone. What’s concerning about this is the fact that 1 out of every 8 of these newly-created domains were made to defraud or scam users (source: Checkpoint). This statistic highlights the threats associated with a seemingly harmless celebration such as Valentine’s Day.

Understanding the Dark Web

For most people, using the internet means opening a Google browser, or scrolling through social media apps like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. However, there are parts of the internet that go beyond what most people know and use. These are the deep web and the dark web.

A.I. Wants To Help Us Shop – Are We Okay With That?

Log in to Amazon, and you’ll see suggested products like winter decorations, novels, or toy recommendations for kids. Add that remote-controlled car into your cart for your nephew, and you’ll get recommendations for batteries and gift wrapping too. This is no accident – generative AI uses your past purchases and recent searches to curate this personalized display.

Show Some Love To Your Business Continuity Plan

Wintertime can feel like a wonderland. There’s hot cocoa, cozy fireside conversations, glistening white snowfall…ice storms, power outages, and tons of employee sick days. You can’t predict the future, but a business continuity plan – BCP for short – ensures that unexpected events don’t slow you down because, in business, every minute counts – literally.