Black Cat Ransomware: Why they Attacked Change Health

The Black Cat Ransomware group has emerged as a significant threat, particularly in the healthcare sector. This criminal organization, known for orchestrating the ransomware attack on United Healthcare, has garnered attention and concern. Despite the FBI's supposed takedown of the group in December, Black Cat remains active, demonstrating resilience and adaptability.

Why hybrid cloud solutions matter

Hybrid cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular because they offer numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. By combining the capabilities of both the public and the private cloud, organizations can leverage the strengths of each cloud environment to create a versatile and scalable infrastructure.

A guide to verifying Android apps

Verifying the authenticity and safety of apps before installing them is crucial to protect your device and personal information. There are numerous malicious apps in the digital landscape, so it’s important to ensure you only download trustworthy apps.