Top 3 Signs You Need Managed IT Services

The use of technology in business is no longer optional. Technology is integral to producing goods and services, and it is used for controlling workflow and measuring key performance indicators. Consumers expect the companies they do business with to have a strong internet and social media presence. Reaching new customers requires mobile optimization of digital services, and every part of the supply chain and sales funnel relies on IT functionality.

Unfortunately, keeping in-house IT staff on the payroll can be quite costly, and hiring IT service providers as-needed may result in high hourly rates and lengthy downtime for your business. Managed I.T. ServicesThat's why many companies are choosing managed IT services instead. Such services take responsibility for your technology needs, with contracts that specify the total expense to your business upfront.

These are the top three signs you need managed IT services:

Unpredictable IT Expenses

Depending on your business needs, keeping an IT Manager or Systems Administrator can cost your company between $60,000 to $175,000 per year in salary alone. If you rely on contracted IT support, the hourly rate you pay is usually 30 percent more. Large projects like rolling out new software can blow your IT budget for the year, leaving nothing for the inevitable technology-related issues that crop up.

Chronic or Unresolved IT Problems

Nothing is more frustrating for employees and customers than constant issues with technology. Whether the hardware is glitchy or the software doesn’t operate as expected, employee/customer engagement levels drop if they find themselves struggling too often. Chronic or unresolved IT problems typically occur when IT staff lacks the experience and expertise to resolve core issues, or they have recommended technology solutions that aren’t right for the business.

Lack of Confidence in Current IT Solutions

New technology products come to market every day, and there are constant updates to the features of existing software. However, limited IT staff or as-needed IT services that only visit upon request may not stay on top of industry developments. As a result, your organization could be missing out on important updates or new technology capable of increasing productivity and customer/employee engagement. More importantly, you may not have the latest security measures in place, leaving your business at risk of a cyber-attack.

Managed IT services offer constant IT support at a predictable, affordable rate. When you choose this solution, you don’t have to worry about cash flow when unexpected IT issues occur, and you can be assured that any system problems will be fully and accurately resolved. Finally, you can count on your managed IT provider to keep you updated on industry developments.