Google Plus: For Geeks Only? 
What You Need To Know Now

Is Google Plus a bust? Or is it still a channel to be reckoned with if you don't want to lose touch with your customers?

Google Plus - aka "Google, - is a sociol network built by Google. Its been connected to other Google products. It was the birthplace of Hangouts, for instance, now a standalone product.

But things ore changing. Google is dismantling Google+ for parts. Whot will remain may be just a stream, yet it will likely endure due to its die-hard fan base.

So how relevant is Google+ to your business?

The answer is, it depends on your customer base. Are your ideal customers using it? If not, perhops you .n safely ignore it.

However, if you already hove a following on Google+, or if you are targeting new custorners who use it, here are three ways you can leverage it for your business:

Get Found Fast

Its no surprise that Google Search favors Google+ posts. With a little reader engagement, your post con show up on page one in just a few days.

Give to Gain

Content that helps you target prospects with a simple "thank you" to folks who engage can work wonders.

Build Mk.o-Lists with Circles

Here's a little-known secret: For circles upt 100, Google+ allows yout Also send e-mail." This can be a great way to build tightly segmented lists.

Depending on your audience, Google+ may still be the best way to connect with your customers.

Published with permission from TMT Technology Times. Source.

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