On A Side Note… Could Your Laptop Battery Revolutionize The Way We Drive?

If you like hot cars and green tech, you may have started hankering for a Testa as far back as 2008 ...

Yet, aside from cool looks and speed, did you know the simple design edge that's putting Testa in the spotlight?

Other car builders, like Nissan, GM and even Mercedes, have electric cars on the road. But they all use costly, high-tech lithium ion batteries.

Tesla, on the other hand, simply uses the type of batteries you have in your laptop - thousands of them ...

With over a billion of these cells made every year, their design and pricing is driven by the same fierce competition that drives the consumer market.

And if Ts Motors can put a car on the road with enough battery life, they may just revolutionize the way we drive - like Henry Ford's Model T did over a century ago.

Published with permission from TMT Technology Times. Source.

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