Managed IT Services: 4 Cybersecurity Threats You Might Be Missing

Managed IT Services: 4 Cybersecurity Threats You Might Be Missing

Almost 1,500 businesses are affected by ransomware attacks across the globe. This is based on data from U.S. information technology firm Kaseya. Although many organizations believe they have a clear picture of their overall cybersecurity system, many threats might be overlooked. These threats can still have a substantial impact on a company’s data security.

As a premier provider of managed IT services in New Jersey, Xact IT Solutions believes that even the simplest threat should not be ignored. In this article, we’ll show you four of the most common threats that businesses often miss.


Malvertising is a malicious cyber tactic that tries to distribute dangerous malware through online advertisements. Clicking on these malicious ads could open the door for hackers to gather user identities or gain access to devices.

Cybercriminals previously targeted high-profile social media sites and apps, such as Spotify, which got hit by malicious ads in 2016. These cybercriminals have recently shifted to smaller brands with a lot of traffic but less visibility. These ads remain a serious cybersecurity threat.

Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) refers to the network of devices, appliances, or equipment with sensors, software, and other technologies that allow the connection and exchange of data over the internet.

Take, for example, an employee working remotely at home. If the employee’s work computer is connected to an unsecured network, cybercriminals can use devices or appliances linked to the same network to get to the employee’s machine. Their refrigerators could technically allow access to the work computer.

It happened to Target; hackers were able to breach their network through the HVAC systems. Providing network security training and awareness education to company employees can help prevent these kinds of breaches.

Poor Data Encryption

Organizations do not overlook data encryptions. Putting up encryptions is a standard practice in securing company data. What businesses overlook are proper encryption practices.

Businesses store encryption keys on the same system as the encrypted data. These keys are often accessible to a lot of employees. When many have access to the keys, it’s the same as not being locked.

Sloppy encryption key management lowers the barriers that keep cybercriminals at bay. Encryption keys must be stored in another system separate from the encrypted data. Also, keys must only be given to a limited number of users.

Fileless Malware Attacks

Fileless malware attacks or in-memory attacks happen when malware is launched via Word or Excel documents and infects webpages. This kind of attack is usually untraceable and undetectable because it uses your tools against you. Once your system is infected, the malware can run behind the scenes while you use your device.

Fileless malware attacks have surged 900% in 2020 and remain a dangerous threat to any system or network.

Businesses can defend against in-memory attacks by disabling macros on any endpoint or computer that doesn’t require them. Prevention also helps by encouraging employees to:

  • Be careful when downloading or installing apps.
  • Update their browsers
  • Watch out for phishing emails
  • Keep up-to-date security patches

In a hyper-digitized world, businesses need to continue adapting and enforcing cybersecurity measures. Employees also play a major role in maintaining a secure network.

Organizations must take the necessary steps in educating and providing training for all their employees. It also helps to have a dedicated team that will manage all your hardware, software, and cybersecurity systems.

Xact IT Solutions offers business IT support and cybersecurity services to help your business grow safely. If you are concerned about your system’s vulnerability to cyberattacks and ransomware, contact us today. We’ll provide you with the best managed IT services in NJ.