Why You Need A Cybersecurity Plan: Lessons from the Philadelphia Inquirer Attack

Why You Need A Cybersecurity Plan: Lessons from the Philadelphia Inquirer Attack

The Philadelphia Inquirer, one of the largest newspapers in the nation, has recently fallen victim to a cyber-attack. As a native of Philadelphia, this event hits close to home for me. The attack has caused the largest disruption since the blizzard of 1996, with only two employees able to work until the issue is resolved. It's clear that the Inquirer did not have a proper ransomware incident response plan in place, as they had to bring in an outside company to help with the situation.

This event serves as a reminder that all businesses, regardless of size or industry, need to have a solid cybersecurity plan in place. It's crucial to understand the potential impact a cyber-attack can have on your business, as the Inquirer is struggling to cover a local election due to the attack.

The Inquirer has been tight-lipped about the situation, which is likely due to advice from their incident response team and professionals who are helping them investigate and potentially negotiate a ransom payment. Cybercriminal activity is on the rise in 2023, and businesses need to take this threat seriously.

It's essential to start putting a cybersecurity plan in place and reach out to professionals for help. Prevention is always less expensive than a cure, and cyber insurance is becoming increasingly challenging to obtain. Cyber risk assessment is a great place to start, and there are many resources available to help businesses protect themselves.

The cyber-attack on the Philadelphia Inquirer serves as a cautionary tale for all businesses. Don't wait until it's too late to act and protect your business from cyber threats.