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The Devastating Impact of a Cyber attack on Your Insurance Firm

  • Staggering Financial Losses
    Cyber attacks could shut operations down, resulting in profit loss. In some cases, they lead to theft.
  • Temporary or Permanent Data Loss
    A security breach leaves sensitive data — like PII and financial information — vulnerable to criminals.
  • Legal Repercussions
    Cyber attacks show that you have failed in your legal duty to protect client information.
  • Reputational Damage
    Your insurance firm will lose the trust of policyholders, prospective clients, and investors.

Because of the sheer amount of information it holds, your insurance firm is a prime target for cybercriminals. Don’t let a cyber attack compromise your operations and name. Build your defenses now.

Resolve Emergency Cyber Incidents Now

Every second counts. If you suspect that a cyber attack is currently taking place in your insurance firm, call us immediately for priority incident response solutions. We’ll assemble a team that will:

  • Investigate and analyze the current cyber incident
  • Execute containment and remediation strategy
  • Help operations recover to business as usual (BAU) state
  • Launch a post-incident report

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Incident Response FAQs

What kinds of cyber attacks does your team handle?

Xact IT Solutions remediates simple and complex cyber attacks. This ranges from prevalent scams, like fraudulent emails, ransomware incidents, and phishing, to more complicated cyber incidents, like MitM attacks, SQL injection attacks, and DoS attacks. Our team will give you a rundown during our consultation.

Is there a difference between cyber attack, cyber threat, and cyber risk?

Yes, those three terms refer to different things. A cyber attack is an incident where a malicious action is taken against you, while a cyberthreat is simply the possibility of a cyber attack. Meanwhile, cyber risk is your insurance firm’s level of vulnerability to cybercrime. Our incident response plan reduces your cyber risk; deters cyber threats, and remediates a cyber attack.

Our insurance firm has experienced a data breach in the past. How will this affect your plan?

If your insurance company has experienced any sort of cyber incident, please tell us during the consultation. The circumstances of past cyber threats and cyber attacks will help us understand your cyber risk better. We’ll assess the damage before we implement any service.

In the event of a ransomware attack, should we just pay the ransom?

Ransomware attacks evolve, and cybercriminals know how to get more out of a business. As such, it’s more cost-effective to spend on an incident response plan rather than simply paying off the attackers.

The financial loss of your insurance company goes beyond a hefty ransom fee. It also covers the downtime costs and restoration procedures. Also, your firm has to ensure that the malicious actors left no traces that could serve as a springboard for a future attack.

More importantly, paying the ransom is not a guarantee you’ll get your data back. For insurance companies, it pays to have a cyber incident response plan.

Is there anything I could do to protect our insurance firm further?

We advocate for a culture of awareness in all insurance firms. The workforce would benefit from regular cybersecurity training so that they can detect and report cyber threats. Awareness campaigns could also prevent expensive mistakes from well-meaning employees. Cybersecurity is a company-wide effort.