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Cyber Threats Your Law Firm Faces

Law firms are one of the top cybercrime targets because of the amount of information (especially confidential ones) you carry. It’s essential to strengthen cybersecurity for law firms because criminals are becoming more adept in the digital environment.
Below are three of the common cyber threats your law firm might face:

Data Breach

Cybercriminals use different methods to conduct a data breach, including phishing attacks, email spoofs, and malware. Failing to protect your systems with updated cybersecurity measures puts confidential data at risk of being stolen, exposed, or altered.


Cybercriminals use ransomware to hold your systems or confidential files hostage until you pay them the amount they demand. Ransomware still plagues unprotected law firms through malicious links and infected files.

Phishing Scams

Cybercriminals often use phishing scams to gain access to confidential data, but they may also use them to impersonate members of your law firm online. When your law firm does not have the appropriate cybersecurity solutions, these scams can put your business and clients in danger.

What We Offer

Xact IT Solutions provides custom cybersecurity services to law firms in New Jersey and Philadelphia
to protect you from digital and online attacks.

Comprehensive Protection against Data Theft

We provide round-the-clock protection from cybercriminals. We have trained teams off-site monitoring your systems 24/7 to prevent any data breaches and theft. They will act immediately once a threat has been detected to prevent it from spreading.

Implementation of Cybersecurity Best Practices for Law Firms

We keep up to date with the latest cybersecurity practices and tools to provide an immediate solution, even for relatively new cybercrime tactics. Our IT teams attend training seminars regularly to familiarize themselves with these threats for your law firm’s benefit.

Proactive Security Monitoring

Xact IT Solutions makes sure your systems are protected even during off-hours. Our off-site cybersecurity teams monitor your systems and immediately address threats. We install security software on your systems to identify and thwart breaches in real-time.

Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

We offer competitive rates for our cybersecurity services for law firms. Since the service is customized to your needs, you get the solutions that apply to your law firm but pay only for what you require and can afford.

Learn more about our cybersecurity services for law firms today to enhance your system protection.

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Keep your confidential information safe from malicious actors with our law-firm specific cybersecurity systems

As a law firm, your clients expect you to keep their confidential and private information safe from malicious actors. However, as cyberattacks get more sophisticated, it is clear that you need strong cybersecurity solutions to keep up. But some of these security solutions come at the cost of your productivity and IT performance. If you partner up with Xact IT, you’ll get the best of both worlds because we’ll implement cybersecurity solutions that provide maximum protection to your law firm without compromising on your productivity.

We have years of experience in setting up cybersecurity systems that are tailor-made for law firms and our team will optimize your cybersecurity and ensure compatibility with essential software like your legal case management software. Xact IT will also constantly update and monitor your security and keep your systems safe so you can focus on your clients and other aspects of your business.


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Why Work with Us

As a law firm, you have access to highly confidential and sensitive information. Any threat to their security becomes a threat to your business.
Xact IT Solutions developed cybersecurity services designed primarily for law firms.

In doing so, we discovered something: law firms are also prone to threats from the inside. This is usually due to outdated
systems and damaged hardware. So, in addition to our cybersecurity services, we offer the following:

Server upgrades

Software updates and licensing

Hardware installations

Technical support

These fixes in your systems and equipment support our cybersecurity recommendations.
We advise you to take advantage of these services, as well.

When you work with Xact IT Solutions, you get more than just system protection;
you have a partner who will futureproof your law firm.