Hi there, It’s been a tough year for any company concerned about information security. Ransomware has seemingly evaded every solution IT professionals create to stop its spread, while business owners are stuck footing the bill for data breaches and regulatory fines. But that’s only one side of the story. Despite the fanfare, thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses are handling these attacks just fine -- some companies are even thriving in spite of them. These businesses don’t need to worry about malware spreading through their network or employees accidentally crashing the server, they can go about their work worry free. The key to staying on the right side of the story is a managed security services provider. We understand you may not be ready to outsource IT management quite yet, but downloading our FREE eBook will give you a better understanding of what holistic network security looks like in practice. There’s no catch or gimmick. Just go through what we’ve written and decided for yourself whether you’re doing enough and if we could help you do better!