Feasting Safely: A Cybersecurity Guide for Thanksgiving Weekend

As the Thanksgiving weekend approaches, our minds are filled with thoughts of turkey, pumpkin pie, and quality time with loved ones. However, amid the festivities, it's important to remember that cybercriminals don't take holidays off like we do. Thus, it's crucial not to forget about the importance of staying cyber-safe, especially with the shopping extravaganza of Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner.

Make Purchases Online? Here Are 4 Things You (And Your Employees) Need To Do To Keep From Becoming A Prime Target For Cybercriminals

ROI Revolution estimates that e-commerce sales will eclipse $236 billion this holiday season. While that’s the most popular time for consumers to purchase online, in 2021 over $2 billion a day was made in online purchases.

Chances are you and your employees make purchases weekly personally and for your business.