3 Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

Business is moving at the speed of light, thanks to rapidly advancing technology. Internet access is faster than ever before, making it possible to send massive files, conduct face-to-face video conferences and process huge amounts of data in moments. Updated hardware is a must-have in order to take advantage of these tools, but simply purchasing a top-of-the-line computer isn't enough.

The Benefits of Monitoring Employees with a Managed IT Provider

Employee monitoring is a time-honored necessity in any business, but the digital age has changed the methods required to do it well.

Gone are the days when a time clock and a manager walking the floor were enough to track worker activity. Today, most employees perform duties that rely on a computer or mobile device, each of which provides access to a world of distractions, security risks and time wasting.

5 Ways a Managed Service Provider Can Protect You From Cyber Crime

5 Ways a Managed Service Provider Can Protect You From Cyber Crime
With new cyber threats emerging on an almost daily basis, and long-standing ones still causing problems, how do you protect your business from cyber criminals? According to research by Accenture, cyber attacks cost businesses $11.7 million in 2017 alone, with security breaches increasing by 27.4 percent.