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IT Solutions

Go digital the right way. Future-proof your business with professional IT services customized to meet your needs. Discover what Xact IT Solutions provides.


Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect your company, partners, investors, and clients from cybercriminals with the latest cybersecurity solutions.


Managed IT Services

Ensure an up-to-date, efficient IT network for your company with a technical team that is available 24/7.


IT Consulting and Project Planning

Plan each tech-driven project smoothly by consulting a seasoned IT expert.


IT Compliance Services

Ensure and update your IT environment’s compliance with industry standards by letting experts do it.


Hosted Solutions

Future-proof your business in a cost-effective way with innovative hosted solutions for your IT setup.


VoIP Solutions

Connect with your network wherever they are with VoIP services customized to your business needs.


Business Cloud Services

Improve efficiency, productivity, and competitive edge by taking your databases to the cloud.


Data Backup and Recovery

Prevent data loss or corruption and operation downtime with a reliable backup and recovery plan.

IT Problems That Threaten Your Business

Several IT problems are plaguing your business, whether you know it or not. Xact IT Solutions provides services that tackle the most common IT problems you get.

These include:

  • poor network security
  • old and damaged hardware
  • no data backup
  • software issues
  • lack of qualified experience

Why Choose Our Services?

Xact IT Solutions has worked with several businesses in the last 15 years. We understand that each client has their own needs, processes, and goals. These inspired us to customize our services to let them maximize their investment.

If you want to future-proof your business, you can no longer afford to skip technological updates. With our services, you may quickly adopt innovations to improve your business without wasting time and money building and training an in-house team.

How Xact IT Solutions is Different

Future-proof your business by investing in professional IT services for your IT environment


Industry Certified

Work with technicians who are certified to manage and support your IT environment.


Better Security

Protect your company’s databases and other digital collaterals from cybercriminals.


Improved Bottom Line

Streamline processes by integrating them into the digital landscape.


Dedicated Support Team

Get support for your IT environment 24/7 year-round.


100% Satisfaction

Experience what it means to have a team of professionals dedicated to managing your IT needs.

The Xact IT Solutions Process

We employ a three-step process to improve your IT environment for better business performance.



Each new client has a consultation with the team to determine the exact state of their IT environment and identify the solutions they need.



The collected information will be the foundation of a solid IT strategy.



The strategy will be launched and monitored by the assigned team to identify and address problems immediately.


Why Choose to Work with Xact IT Solutions?

Xact IT Solutions has been in the business for 15 years. Companies from different industries have utilized our wide selection of IT services to streamline their operations.

As you continue to grow your business, you need to adopt innovations to compete. Outsourcing your IT and other tech needs to professionals allows you to get the latest tech developments.

Discover how Xact IT Solutions is different from other providers and experience a renewed boost to your IT environment.

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Know What’s Threatening Your Business

Apart from customized solutions, Xact IT Solutions provides comprehensive materials. Get a better understanding of your IT environment and its security threats.

The “3 Essential Types of Cyber Security Solutions Your Business Must Have” is your guide to the latest trends and threats in the IT environment. By learning more about what’s happening, you can be more discerning towards the solutions you invest in for your business.

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IT Solutions for Businesses

Your IT environment is essential to your business performance. Make sure it’s running as smoothly as your core operations. Xact IT Solutions is your partner in managing these different systems.

Xact IT Solutions provides services to businesses. We have also extended these to businesses located in Philadelphia.

Experience the difference it makes when you work with professionals. Keep your IT environment up-to-date and well-maintained to keep up with the competition.