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A Far Superior Approach To Lowering The Risk, Difficulty and Cost Of I.T. Support, Cyber Security And Compliance For Your Growing Organization

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Here’s Why Growing Businesses Are Moving To A Co-Managed I.T. Approach:

Less I.T. Problems, Faster Support And Greater Productivity For Everyone.

Businesses see a significant reduction in I.T. related problems. They also see faster support and greater productivity in their employees.

In our business model, we don’t replace your I.T. staff; we try to make them BETTER by filling in the gaps, providing professional-grade tools, and training and assisting them where they need help. That means your entire office may see significant reduction in I.T. issues, making everyone more productive.

You Don’t Have To Add Another Employee To Your Payroll And Benefits.

Finding, hiring and retraining TOP talent can be brutally difficult and expensive. With Co-Managed I.T., you don’t have to cost, overhead or difficulty in staffing a large I.T. team. We don’t take vacations or sick leave. You won’t lose us due to maternity leave, illness, relocation, or a better job. You can flex and scale the support you need as your company needs change.

Your I.T. Team Gets Instant Access To The Same Powerful I.T. Automation And Management Tools We Use To Make Them More Efficient.

These tools will enable them to prioritize and resolve your employees’ problems faster, improve communication and make your I.T. department FAR more effective and efficient. These are software tools your company could not reasonably afford on its own, but they are included with our co-managed I.T. program.

CoMIT Not Only Saves Your Organization Money, But It Also Enables Your I.T. Team To Be More Effective And Efficient. You Get Greater Peace Of Mind, Better I.T. Support And Protections Against Downtime, Cybercrime And I.T.-Related Compliance Violations.

Executives Co managed It guide Cover


  • CoMIT is NOT about taking over your I.T. leader’s job or replacing your entire I.T. department.
  • CoMIT is NOT a one-off project-based relationship where an I.T. company would limit their support to an “event” and then leave your team behind to try and support I.T.
  • CoMIT is also NOT just monitoring your network for alarms and problems, which still leaves your I.T. department to scramble and fix the problems.


  • CoMIT IS a flexible partnership where we customize a set of ongoing services and software tools specific to the needs of your I.T. person or department that fills in the gaps, supports their specific needs and gives you far superior I.T. support and services at a much lower cost.