Cybersecurity for General Contractors

Let us improve your cybersecurity posture with customized solutions, so you can boost your trustworthiness and win more construction projects

From project planning to vendor management to day-to-day communication, general contractors rely on a suite of technologies to boost efficiency and agility. But technology is also exposing you to data security risks. Data theft or malicious cyberattacks have more ways to affect your organization, potentially resulting in anything from halted operations to breached trade secrets to hefty noncompliance fees.

Partner with Xact IT, and we’ll equip your business with effective cybersecurity solutions before a cyberattack sends your clients to your competition and puts you out of business. After performing thorough assessments of your needs and current security setup, we’ll implement robust solutions that address your vulnerabilities, enabling your teams to work securely whether they are at their desks or on site and you to focus on growth.


What We Offer

Customized Cybersecurity Strategy

Enterprise-Grade Security that Protects Your IT Network

Proactive Security Monitoring

Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

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