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Construction and Engineering Firms

Control user access to your IT network and prevent data theft and cyberattacks with our security solutions

Many construction and engineering firms have different types of personnel within their ranks but not all of these employees need full access to the company’s IT network and resources. With so many types of people joining on a temporary basis, keeping track of permissions is key because if they fall into the wrong hands, your intellectual property, processes, and plans can be ruthlessly exploited. Without specific access controls and a full suite of cybersecurity solutions, your firm is open to different kinds of cyberattacks but with Xact IT’s assistance, all of these attacks will be prevented.

You’ll have granular control of every user’s access level in your IT network as well as the ability to monitor their activity. We’ll assess your current cybersecurity setup, implement strategic, effective solutions, and monitor your entire IT infrastructure round the clock, keeping you safe against new and emerging threats as you scale for growth.


What We Offer

Customizable User Access Controls

Enterprise-Grade Security that Protects Your IT Network

Proactive Security Monitoring

Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

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