Why Now Is The Time To Embrace Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Why Now Is The Time To Embrace Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Zero trust security helps safeguard your business against today's mounting cyber-attacks and security challenges. Through continuous authentication and validation of user identity, zero trust security eliminates implicit trust to ensure only authorized users gain access to data, resources, and networks.

8 Key Benefits Of Zero Trust

  1. Improves visibility across your network
  2. Boosts data protection
  3. Minimizes attack surfaces
  4. Reduces the risk of growing cyber threats
  5. Enhances efficiency through automation
  6. Amplifies cyber resiliency
  7. Supports adherence to compliance regulations
  8. Builds a more secure future for your business

7 Pillars Of Zero Trust

According to the Department of Defense (DoD), a zero-trust architecture is composed of seven pillars:

USER SECURITY. Before providing users with access to requested resources, authenticate, and authorize their identities to ensure a high level of identity security.

DEVICE SECURITY. To improve your company's security, be sure to identify and authenticate any devices that try to connect to your network.

NETWORK / ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITY. Set up your network segments, enable real-time threat protection, and monitor encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

APPLICATIONS AND WORKLOAD SECURITY. To prevent unauthorized access and data collection, tighten the security of your SaaS applications and APIs with appropriate in-app permissions and secure configurations.

DATA SECURITY. To prevent exfiltration, implement a comprehensive data management strategy that includes encryption while in transit and at rest.

VISIBILITY AND ANALYTICS. Use next-generation automated solutions to gain real-time insights and detect anomalous patterns in your access policies.

AUTOMATION AND ORCHESTRATION. Automate your security processes with automated security tools and support policy-based actions across the network at speed.

An IT service provider like us can help you transition to a zero-trust security model by offering the right security solutions and minimizing cyber threats.


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