I.T. Support Philadelphia – 3 Red Flags You’re Being Underserved

I.T. Support Philadelphia – 3 Red Flags You’re Being Underserved

Not all I.T. Support in Philadelphia is created equal - 3 Red Flags You're Being Underserved

Hey everyone, it's Bryan Hornung, CEO of Xact IT Solutions, coming to you today with about IT support in Philadelphia. So, you're probably here because you're searching for IT support in Philadelphia. And why I created this video and created this content for you today, is to talk about what we're seeing in the market today. I talk to a lot of businesses out there, and a lot of businesses constantly are coming to us with questions about whether or not their IT company is keeping up with today's cybersecurity needs. Users are constantly being reminded and trained that they have to do various things around password hygiene, using multi-factor authentication, in fact your cyber-insurance provider may be coming to you and asking you if you're doing these things, or they may be the ones who are prompting these conversations and not your IT company.

And quite frankly, if you're a Philadelphia-based business and you're looking for IT support because you feel like your IT company is not doing enough around cybersecurity, stick with me here, because I'm going to really give you some things that your IT company should be doing, if they are providing your IT support to your business here in Philadelphia.

Is your current I.T. support scheduling regular meetings with you?

So, first things first. Number one, the biggest thing that we see where companies that do cybersecurity really well, and companies that don't, the biggest difference that I've seen in all the companies that I've talked to, is number one, they're not meeting with their clients on a regular basis. So, when's the last time that your IT support company actually met with you to tell you, what they're doing for you, how they're securing your business, what are the things in your business that you need to be concerned with that you might need to invest in, over the next couple of weeks, months, or years, so that you remain secure, and that your computing ability stays up with the times. We constantly run into businesses in Philadelphia area, who, their IT is constantly coming at them with surprise bills and surprise expenses that they need to quickly spend money on, because there's going to be this problem or that, and it becomes very unpredictable.

Your current I.T. support isn't coming to you about cyber insurance

You want an IT support company that's going to support your business, and allow you to grow, and allow you to thrive. And that requires predictability around IT costs and cyber security costs, which obviously, cyber security is probably a cost that you're seeing increase in your business, as most Philadelphia businesses are seeing across the board. So, second thing, do they have adequate insurance themselves, and are they opening that conversation up for you to go talk to your insurance agent? Look, if you're running your business today without some form of cyber-insurance or cybercrime protection, you're really putting your business and your customers in a very vulnerable place. Most cyber attacks today far exceed any cost that any company could cover on their own. So, if you're running a business and you need IT in your business, you probably also need cybersecurity. So, if you're not having that conversation yet with your IT company about cyber protections and everything that you need around endpoint protection and protecting yourself from ransomware, you really should find an IT support company in Philadelphia, who is having these conversations with you.

Your systems are not being patched, and no one is telling you

And, some other things are that we see, that are happening in businesses that really don't have the best IT support, revolve around things like patching and maintaining software updates, and looking for what we call vulnerabilities on systems. These are the things that hackers like to take advantage of once they get into your network. So, what are they doing to proactively make sure that your systems are being patched, and how are they communicating that with you? Yes, it might be a line item in the services that you're buying from them that they do the patching, but how are they verifying this information? Any good IT support company in Philadelphia, will have a way that they can come to you, and give you this information proactively to show you, here are the computers in your environment, and here's there, what we do here is a patching score at Xact IT.

We say, hey, your computer has 97% of the patches that were released by Microsoft and the other software vendors that you might use. So, that is very, very important to make sure that you understand what the patching strategy is. And not only that, how are they verifying that this actually gets done? A lot of times when we go in and do cybersecurity risk assessments for companies to tell them whether their IT company is doing the right thing and is providing adequate IT support, we tell them that a lot of times they're not doing the patching that they think that they're doing, and it leaves companies vulnerable. The last thing that I would say is, make sure your IT support company is a champion in helping your business be educated around cyber security. Do they offer any kind of cyber awareness training program as part of their IT support?

And our business here at Xact IT, all of our I.T. support clients can opt in to receive free employee awareness training for their employees so that they start to become educated on what they can do to protect your business' critical data. So, that's it for today, folks. If you're looking for IT support in Philadelphia, please reach out to our company, we can absolutely help you better understand your technology and how these things impact your business. Our goal is to protect you from cyber criminals, so you don't lose everything. But get a free consultation with my team. We'd love to support your IT business here in Philadelphia.