The Benefits of Monitoring Employees with a Managed IT Provider

Employee monitoring is a time-honored necessity in any business, but the digital age has changed the methods required to do it well.

Gone are the days when a time clock and a manager walking the floor were enough to track worker activity. Today, most employees perform duties that rely on a computer or mobile device, each of which provides access to a world of distractions, security risks and time wasting. A simple walkthrough doesn't cut it when screens can be tabbed, devices turned off and eyes averted in a split-second.

In a world where multi-use digital devices are standard equipment, many employers feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating and managing a monitoring regime.

Fortunately, a qualified managed IT provider is an ideal way to implement network security services and employee monitoring that's tailored for each specific business.

Here's what you need to know about the benefits of monitoring employees with an experienced and knowledgeable partner.

Risk: Employees and the Internet

For many companies, risk management is just as crucial as time wastage where network monitoring is concerned.

Beyond getting paid for work that's not being done, employees who use the internet idly can lead to liability issues if they're able to access illegal or inappropriate material on the company network.

What's more, litigation often requires complete records of employee activity, and many employers dread having to turn over embarrassing or legally questionable worker logs.

Security Concerns

While work-related internet use typically involves websites run by other businesses with a legal responsibility to maintain secure networks, personal use might lead employees to any number of dangerous sites. With employee activity being a top source for malware and virus intrusions in corporate systems, the danger is quite real, even when firewall protections are in place. The rise of ransomware heightens this problem, as a single intrusion may irretrievably disable an entire network.

Additionally, employees engaged in data theft or employer fraud often rely on poor security to achieve their goals, making unmonitored networks the equivalent of shutting the street lights off to encourage crime.

Performance and Management

While security and infraction monitoring are often the first thought when companies consider internet monitoring, employers are increasingly discovering larger benefits for managing workforces in general.

In one case, a company concerned about a coder's productivity analyzed his network monitoring records and realized he was skipping scheduled meetings with his colleagues, and so missing crucial information. Instead of punishing the employee, they re-trained him based on that information, leading to a sharp increase in performance a week later.

Other employers have discovered that robust monitoring logs make it even easier to manage products, and lets them objectively identify operational areas that need fixing without relying on subjective assessments. Many say the opportunity to provide such feedback to employees has become another vital benefit of employee monitoring services.

Reliable Employee Monitoring with Managed IT Services

If you're worried about the expense, effort and complication of maintaining an effective employee monitoring system, a managed IT services provider presents the ideal solution.

A knowledgeable provider is dedicated to maintaining the most up to date network security systems and functionality, so you won't need to worry about network vulnerabilities caused by changing technology. Additionally, providers like Xact IT Solutions have a wealth of experience, enabling them to customize tools for your specific needs that can minimize costs, maximize utility and maintain efficient operations.

Contact us today to find out how your company can boost performance, protect your networks and gain a valuable new management tool with employee monitoring!