[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text el_class="bltext"]Mobile devices have become common to every individual in today’s modern era. Gartner’s market research shows that mobile phones have become the go-to device for communication and consumption. Personal Computers are now reserved for more complex and laborious tasks. Tablets and mobile phone devices are predicted to sweep 50% of the consumer market for search and other activities online by 2018. These statistics show the potential of mobile devices for businesses. This is a clear opportunity that business owners can seize to improve the productivity and sales of their business.


Several businesses have already developed their very own mobile applications. In the beginning, these mobile applications were only a marketing stunt and held zero value on their own. However, now things have changed. Now, entire businesses run solely on mobile applications. Companies are looking towards solutions for capturing real-time data from their customers for making better decisions. The solution that has worked is mobile applications.
On the business side of things, mobile applications enable more portability and access, to both employees and customers. Customers are more attracted towards your products if your business has a mobile application and thus, having a mobile application eventually generates more profits.
On the consumer side, customers feel easier to interact and communicate with organizations that have their own mobile applications. For instance, every time I make a transaction online, I’m notified via the company’s mobile application. This is particularly helpful when you look at it from the customer’s perspective.
Mobile applications are the next big thing in the marketing world. Every business that has seized this opportunity has been proven to be successful. The reason for this is that in today’s technological world, everyone owns a smartphone.
Here are the key reasons as to why you need to embrace mobile for your business:

Improved Business Management:

Through the use of mobile applications, business owners can improve accountability, management, and workplace efficiency of employees. Several business owners that have realized the benefits of mobile applications for business productivity have improved the outcome profits of their business. For example, business owners that have made use of accounting and reporting functions applications for mobile, have been able to remotely manage sales data for their company. Business can benefit from this mobile integration since it allows easy and effective control of their business from anywhere, at any time.
Some examples of business productivity applications include ShiftPlanning, ShiftNote, and Memonic. These allow business owners to efficient manage their employees and managers to keep track of all business activities. Other applications also include QuickBooks, Xero, and MYOB which allow quick and easy payroll management. All in all, integration of mobile applications in business allows owners to have complete access to their business at all times.

Increased Sales and Better Efficiency:

The increasing popularity of mobile devices has led to the development of m-commerce. Similar to e-commerce, m-commerce allows consumers to conduct transactions through their phones. Customers can browse through the available products and services through the use of a mobile application and once they’ve find an item of interest, they can order right away! In today’s era of the smartphone, it is essential for every business to have a mobile application that helps their customers connect with them more easily. The integration of m-commerce ensures that your customers can purchase those goods that your business has to offer from the comfort of their homes. An example of m-commerce includes Beat the Q that enables customers to order a coffee from anywhere, at any time.

Customer Loyalty:

Remember that this is the era of the smartphones. It is highly likely that no matter what your customer audience, they will be smartphone oriented. Thus, if you’re looking for that ‘something’ that you need to attract your target audience, it’s a mobile application. Having your own mobile application helps increase your business’ appeal and productivity. Mobile applications enable you reach out to new consumer markets, reduce labor costs, optimize table use, and promote special offers easily and effectively. The ultimate result of these is increased profits. The bottom line is, no matter who you’re looking towards as your consumer market, it’s a fact that they own and use a smartphone. To make sure that you reach out to every single one of your customers, you need to adapt according to the technology they use. To ensure this, you need a mobile application so that there is improved communication and interaction between you and your customers.
As a business owner, you might have seen the changing trend from e-commerce to m-commerce. Most organizations are now moving towards mobile devices as their next platform for transactions. As a business, it is important to keep pace with the changes in technology.. Today’s era is the smartphone era. Your customers are individuals that own and use smartphones regularly. In order to ensure that you adopt the best marketing strategy for your business, you need to market on the correct platform i.e. mobile phones and tablets. There are several benefits of doing this that include improved customer satisfaction, better efficiency, and eventually, increased sales. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]